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Sagalogic III

When gender identity is inordinately the focus and emotional breakdowns can occur over addressing someone using the “wrong” pronouns, as a society, are we looking through the wrong end of the telescope?

The Spark of Liberty

Happy New Year! We’re right in the middle of a 4 part series, “Sagalogic”, exposing the lunacy around the Trans Gender or LGBTQIA+ agenda in schools and our society in general. However, we needed to stop for something that NJLIBERTY.COM wants to highlight and believes is at a paramount level of importance. A Declaration of […]

Sagalogic II

Part II Transgender Student Guidance for School Districts “A school district shall accept a student’s asserted gender identity; parental consent is not required. Further, a student need not meet any threshold diagnosis or treatment requirements to have his or her gender identity recognized and respected by the district, school or school personnel. Nor is a […]


It’s been more than a year since NJLIBERTY has put out an opinion piece. After going down the rabbit hole that was COVID-19, and still going, many more revelations came into view. Being that COVID found its way into every aspect of our lives, and revealed so much about institutions, government, people, and their character/judgment, […]

COVID-19: The Response

“I wasn’t thinking of the Bill of Rights when we did this” Philip Dunton Murphy “COVID-19 is a Hoax!”“I lost my Mom to COVID.”“Fauci is lying about gain of function.”“It came from a bat at a wet market in Wuhan.”“It was leaked from a lab. [on purpose] [by accident]”“There’s a 96% to 99% survival rate; […]

Smile Kids Phil Hates It!

As “15 days to slow the spread” comes to an end after two years of tyranny, please don’t think this is over. The governor, legislature, and other people in powerful positions showed us who they are, and what they would do with their power in an “Emergency” situation. Other states and countries refused to close […]

PuzZled PieCes

Mark the day the “Health Emergency”, “COVID-19 Pandemic”, was publicly set on fire in front of the world. The media can try to spin the “Defeat the Mandates” rally that took place on this past Sunday January 23, 2022, but the follow up testimony coordinated by Senator Ron Johnson the following Monday morning, will undoubtedly […]

Merry from Murphy

Tis the season for vaccines and boosters -and Murphy’s Marketing Department is ready for the festivities to begin. In the last article we brought you the social media feed for The New Jersey Department of Health. The goal was not only to expose the everyday fear mongering and smothering of vaccine posts, but also to […]

Murphy’s Marketing Department

The parents of New Jersey Liberty are against COVID-19 Mandates. We stand for Freedom and Liberty in NJ. We try to make a good argument based on the information we can find, and then let the people decide. When people go back and forth about the masks and whether they actually help against the spreading […]