Smile Kids Phil Hates It!

As “15 days to slow the spread” comes to an end after two years of tyranny, please don’t think this is over. The governor, legislature, and other people in powerful positions showed us who they are, and what they would do with their power in an “Emergency” situation. Other states and countries refused to close small businesses, mask children, and enact mandates in general, and their COVID numbers showed no difference. Where was there a difference? Well, here in New Jersey 1/3rd of small businesses closed their doors, many lost their jobs, and most importantly, children were abused. Yes, abused.

There is no other way to express what has been done to the children of NJ, other than to say they were abused. Even if at the early stages of the so called “Pandemic” people in charge were not sure on the efficacy of masks, by the start of school year 2021-2022, the data was out. States that had reopened, like Florida, showed no increase in numbers. In addition, countries like Sweden that never mandated the wearing of masks for children, also never spiked in numbers. If both Florida and Sweden would have, the media talking heads would still be celebrating it today.

For children that started school 2 years ago, they have never seen the smiles of their classmates other than maybe on a zoom class –oh, and if they played sports or at the playground after school; ridiculous. Children with speech issues could not see the mechanics of pronunciation and were still expected to make progress. In a time when identity and feelings are put before right and wrong, children couldn’t even see facial expressions for visual cues. All of this was known and nothing was done.

The NJ Department of Health lunched a vaccination fear campaign, that even featured Christmas videos with kids and grandma; sick. This organized fear caused otherwise smart level headed adults to run off and try to inject their kids with untested gene therapies. The fear produced more testing and the NJDOH and the governor used it like a revolving door implement more and more and more…

Governor Murphy, with the help of the legislature and security by a thug Superintendent of the State Police, wrote Executive Orders in to law. Was this done to save anyone? Well, like stated, it didn’t change the numbers in states and countries that didn’t override the US and New Jersey State Constitutions. However, we do know that certain Governor orders placing sick patients in nursing homes cost the lives of many elderly loved ones in New Jersey. Don’t hold your breath for that investigation.

After announcing the mask mandates would be removed today, March 7th 2022, it’s important to know the governor still holds those powers. When asked about the politics and whether masks would ever be needed again, Murphy continued the show.

This all takes place while the Mayor of NYC, says “I need people to trust me” when asked about masking 4 year old children. If that wasn’t delusional enough, the Whitehouse briefing featured Psaki calling the Florida Surgeon General’s approach to not vaccinate healthy children; “politicians peddling conspiracy theories”.

Who’s right? Where do we go from here? Well while the mayor of NYC was telling people to trust him and Jen Psaki explained not vaccinating healthy children is a conspiracy theory, there were actual doctors talking about the three letter agencies she quoted as to how the Biden administration “know[s] the data”.

As much as this fight is not over and the negative stories could go on and on, I feel it’s important to focus on what happened today. Our kid’s smiles are free! The masks are finally off! There were a lot of groups, moms and dads, and people in between that fought hard. We now know who was willing to stand up and fight, especially amongst our NJ representation. So let us use that to bring the fight where it matters. There were some people who really didn’t know, and yes some that weren’t willing to fight, but our fight is not with the people. Our fight is with those who told us they would serve and abandoned their duty.

For now, let us enjoy those beautiful little faces and get ready. The real fight is coming with those who decided to hide and not fight for the children. Get involved, get educated, get prepared, and let’s do this New Jersey!

A special thanks to everyone that fought for the kids, and that signed the “No More Mandates Petition”.

Thanks for reading.

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