Pictures & Postcards

While looking for pictures to populate the website, a fun and meaningful idea came to mind. All pictures and content are derived from the canvas that is New Jersey; our home. What better than to highlight our communities with real life photos of our people and landscapes. As the photos come in and content is gathered, some photos will be selected and resized for easy printing as a postcard. Feel free to print and send them to friends and family in NJ, and across the country. In addition, if you have a small business or organization, send us a photo, so we can upload a post card to support NJ’s small businesses.

Understanding that is a place to have voices heard, we know that not all photos will be memories we wish to emphasize. However, being that our goal is a united New Jersey with liberty and justice for all, we hope the photos will no longer reflect the sorrows of yesterday, but feature the achievements of our tomorrows.