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In order to strengthen our communities and take action, information and tools are needed. One of the big reasons people do not pursue or give up is because larger entities promote the information they want you to see. This page is about action and combining efforts. As we get more people, groups, and businesses involved, we will highlight them, to strengthen all of our efforts. By contributing and using our site, it builds a larger platform for everyone.

How to Become a School Board Member

Below is the link to download the individual and joint paperwork to run for a seat on your local school board. Additionally, there is a link to the page that contains all state information for running. Don't wait, take action and protect the kids.



Additional Information:

Become a Precinct Committeeman!

If you’re going to call, write, email, or petition your representatives, you have to know who they are.
Click on Find Your Legislators, to find yours.

Need to reference the US or NJ Constitution?
US Constitution
NJ Constitution

Please, if you are a site or group that is not listed below, send us your info, so we can help people find you.

Below are some sites that were presented to us from other people and groups. Please feel free to visit and don’t hesitate to report back any foul play. Please email us with information for any sites you feel should be added to the list. [email protected] or [email protected]

We must get involved and take action, so things like this never happen again.

Executive Order 251

P.L. 2021, CHAPTER 103

More to come.