What’s going on?

what’s going on?

Whether it’s a parents meeting against mandates, a fund raiser, or a food drive, we would be happy to help get more people in your community engaged. So, please spread the word about NJLIBERTY, as it helps spread the word for all of us. Check below for the latest invites, flyers, and videos. If you want something posted please email us.

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Skip ahead 40 minutes to the beginning of the meeting.

Murphy’s executive orders are based on CDC info that is wrong. These vaccines do NOT prevent contraction or transmission. Therefore, EO 253 should be rescinded effective immediately.

This recorded Summit on COVID has great presentations from a number of experts. Plus, Robert Malone, M.D., M.S. breaks down exactly what you need to know regarding the vaccines.
Please take some time and watch this presentation by Peter McCullough, MD, MPH