It’s been more than a year since NJLIBERTY has put out an opinion piece. After going down the rabbit hole that was COVID-19, and still going, many more revelations came into view. Being that COVID found its way into every aspect of our lives, and revealed so much about institutions, government, people, and their character/judgment, a terrifying broader pictured was “injected” to form a new perspective on so much.

The research only proved what many of us already thought. It’s pretty bad in some aspects, they know it, and by the way it’s on purpose. In an effort to gain more readers and broaden the message, this article will be presented in a four part series. There is way too much ground to cover on such a sensitive and provocative topic. Please share with friends and family, as we’ve made the decision to keep flying the flag of Liberty here in New Jersey.

Part I

 “One of the most important factors in ensuring a safe and supportive environment for transgender students is communication between the school/district and student.”

There are a lot of ways to approach a discussion regarding school, the LGBTQIA+ community, parents/guardians, and young people who are curious in general. Plus, the people caught in the middle, teachers, para’s, and other faculty, just like with the COVID mandates, once again find themselves in a tough position. However, the push to have learning focused on sexual content brought into school clubs and curricula stands out even in the LGBTQIA+ community.

Understanding the roles of parents/guardians, teachers, and other people surrounding or somehow involved, seems simple and elementary. In fact, it doesn’t appear to become complicated until we blur these roles, their responsibilities, and demand adherence to only one ideology/belief over the other.

Yes belief. This should be at the center of every argument because it’s at the center of this sexualized agenda. Don’t believe me?

“Gender Identity means a person’s internal, deeply held sense of gender. All people have a gender identity, not just transgender people. For transgender people, the individual’s internal gender identity is not the same as the gender assigned at birth.”

“a person’s internal, deeply held sense of gender”

Sounds like a personal belief, no?

This piece will be quoting a great deal from the Transgender Student Guidance for School Districts. This is in an effort to try and use the NJDOE’s own words, not ours.

So, who is blurring these lines? How did wanting marriage to be recognized between two consenting adults of either or the same sex turn into teaching kids about it, and now to celebrate with “pride”, these alternative sexual lifestyles? Why is a deeply held sense (belief) of anything now allowed in school and NJDOE approved clubs?

Currently, it appears to be the “elected” people meant to protect rights and represent their constituency. However, instead of representing the majority (democracy) and protecting our individual rights, it appears they are trying to grant rights and protect themselves. This is an important point because this definitely was not the case just about a decade ago, which ironically is when the Supreme Court made same sex marriage legal.

Now, this conversation easily becomes staggeringly confusing. Why? Well because this promoted LGBTQIA+ argument is centered on freedom of choice, the protection of thought, and kids who are claimed to be targeted and trapped in a biological conundrum in which they need to be free to make their own choices.

And by not letting kids decide “who or what they are”, and now with help and “protection” from the state, those who would typically guide pre-adolescence or teach children to think critically, could be the one’s of holding the proverbial chains. What’s worse is now these same people don’t even need to communicate this information to parents or guardians, and by law they have to accept and facilitate the child’s identity or expression demands.

This only brings on more confusion and adds an important element to the argument that reeks of hypocrisy. Led by government rule, the same educators and education associations that would argue they know best as they have studied to be an educator, demand we listen to the immature lesser educated children regarding serious life choices. One might ask that by their standards, if we the parent or guardian aren’t privy to this information and qualified to handle our child’s upbringing; how are the children?

In addition, were the teachers and administrators duped? Now to be fair there are many teachers and staff that see this for what it is; lunacy. However, many in the education system are themselves in the role of parent and/or guardian; wouldn’t they possess and maintain the proper education to equip young minds to deal with complicated choices? How did they come to the conclusion that the kids know best regarding personal life choices involving sexual preference, expression, and identity?

If it’s an insult to question whether an adult person with a teaching degree is better at teaching a class than a person without; why put the kids in charge? Additionally, when did the internal search for sexual identity become something that needed to be figured out by children in elementary school?

This isn’t to say that as parents/guardians, teachers, etc or as a society we shouldn’t listen to our kids. It’s to say we are responsible for our children’s actions and the outcomes of their decisions for a reason.

Some people might be stuck on the “life choices involving sexual preference, expression, and identity” in the statement above and why/how it relates. Well, ultimately this is what we are actually referring to when discussing LGBTQIA+ etc.; it’s about who a person, or in this case a child, is attracted to sexually and how that person/child “identifies” socially.

Once again, confusion easily creeps in because of that lack of commitment to these loosely defined fantastical scenarios and terms. This becomes easier to understand once we expose and recognize that their overly defined identifying terms are just cookie cutter identity shields being handed out like pride flags.

Wait, we’re just talking about boys that like playing with girls stuff more or girls that like boys stuff more, right?

Isn’t this about kids who like to dress in opposite sex clothing or who appear to have “tendencies” of the opposite sex?


Directly, we are talking about sexual preferences and how a person chooses to dress or act to express their sexual attractions, preferences, and/or identity. Which, by the way, is an adult’s right to do every single day of the year. However, for children that are by law dependents, they do not get the final say until they are considered adults by law. Why? -for the same reason every other law has been put in place to protect immature minds and childish impulses that could lead to some form of harm.

This is why it’s really concerning when a small child, who doesn’t know what is happening, cannot grasp what they are participating in and is involved, and/or exposed to this mature content. Before you believe anybody, who tells you none of this is of a sexual nature, ask them to define anyone of these letters; LGBTQIA.

It’s important to make these connections as this is what the pride/Sexualization agenda movement is being used to do; confuse, divide, and uproot the child’s grounding, character, identity, and ultimately our culture.

In part II we highlight some of the reasons this has grown so quickly and how sobering the thought of its effects are to our communities and society.

Hope you will join us for Part II

Thanks for reading.

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Cited: NJDOE – Transgender Student Guidance for School Districts