Constitutional & COVIDLY Offended

Where are we and what’s going on? Let’s do a little recap and discovery for a moment in an effort to gain some perspective. While criminals, yes criminals, occupy the White House and 3 letter agencies run their Domestic Operations on We The Parents, it’s a little difficult to celebrate a day honoring something that’s being violated on a daily basis. Constitution Day this year came and went much like any holiday that doesn’t afford the people a day off. However, this year with everything that makes up these crazy times, the typical disingenuous posts and statements by NJ’s governor and politicians alike, stunk of deceitfulness. Plus, while unknown amounts of people from unknown origins cross our southern border and are relocated throughout the states, the media is more concerned with COVID-19 vaccines for citizens, pushing systemic racism, and the so called January 6th insurrection. What could top all of that? Well, how about the atrophy of a government where half are asleep at the wheel and the others are complicit.

 The Constitution of the United States contains specific sections guarding against what is happening right before our eyes. Not to mention, we were warned by the framers and presidents thereafter of what could transpire if power hungry greedy elitists gained and abused their power. To be fair, there has been deception and criminal activity for decades. The off-shoring of our manufacturing to increase profits, the profiteering through regime change and wars, and the money laundering disguised as infrastructure reform or foreign aid are probably some of the most common and egregious. But, this level of open in your face unconstitutional malevolence has begun a dangerous new chapter in America. The irony is that our Declaration and Constitution were created, and are based on the government protecting the Rights of the People; but here we are…

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Regardless of what you think about the 2020 or recent New Jersey gubernatorial election, you have to admit something doesn’t feel right. Whether you flat out think one or both elections were stolen or just think they’re questionable, the “don’t look at anything” approach is extremely telling. Plus, why does the plandemic align so well with elections? How has the 2020 presidential or New Jersey gubernatorial election become so questionable? Was it Rudy Giuliani being attacked for going around to different states and asking questions? Is it Mike Lindell waging his livelihood that the 2020 election was stolen? Is it the fact that in the US and NJ, only a handful of inner city areas decide the outcomes? Whether there was cheating or not, transparency and scrutiny should always be welcome in pursuing truth in our country. An honest and open approach is being deterred while it would provide for the vital pieces of information leading to justice in not only elections, but aspects of all different natures. If a true examination was done, where both parties were respected and represented; wouldn’t that be beneficial for everyone? Imagine if transparency and scrutiny were welcomed in all cases. Would the bias, racist, opinionated views, or one sided leaning outcomes continue to prevail?

We’ve watched as many situations, court cases, and mob driven atrocities have played out over the past couple of years. Which ones have benefitted “We the people”? Which were driven by transparency and scrutiny of the facts? The beneficiaries of questionable situations never seem to be brought into the sunlight? Big Pharma, Universities, Energy Companies, CEO’s, and Government never find themselves under the microscope. Did anyone ask Big Pharma about the financial gain of selling vaccines via government contracts with no liability to the patients? Does fracking cause plate shifts leading to potential earthquakes that would outweigh the benefits of natural gas production to our environment? Does the manufacturing and production of batteries to power cars and homes outweigh the environmental cost? Should distributers and government decisions regarding oil balance between domestic and foreign procurement for the sake of responsibility and longevity? Should the race of a student get more attention than the level of education the school is capable of providing? These seem like equations that could be sensibly and pragmatically resolved if that were the goal. However, it seems clear, not only by arguments of old, but by recent events, that truth isn’t the priority.

It’s puzzling that there are many people who would agree that honest answers to important questions are vital to making advantageous decisions based on the information. Yet, many of those same people still rely on the same institutions that won’t ask important questions yielding the vitally needed information. Most, if not all news reports, are predetermined by the media, their donors, and political handlers. We are then left to try and find the facts, so we can make sense of what’s really happening.

This doesn’t benefit any race, any state, any community, or any person; it only benefits the people pushing the narratives. Why would they push such narratives; well, greed and control. It’s always about money and power, however, some of the people pushing these agenda’s actually think that they are saving you from yourself because they know what you need better than you do. This assault on people’s rights and in turn, the abandoning of responsibility for accountability for ones actions regarding outcomes in life, is the stench of ignorance that leads to economic and societal demise. What is the remedy, how do we fix this you might ask?

The simple answer is accountability. However, with the broad scope of issues that once seemed so far away, but now find themselves at our front door, we now have to address the deeper issue. The fundamental breakdown leads to something that’s been programmatically abandoned and is rarely ever mentioned by design; Constitutional Duty. Before government can be blamed for allowing or doing the wrong, we have to look at who actually made the decisions. Yes, there is a Deep State that is pulling strings behind the scenes, but they need people willing to carry out their agenda/plans; either knowingly or not. Plus, while the Constitution was written to have our government protect our freedom and liberty, the perversion of those rights endowed by our creator, for any cause, are heinous. There is an obligation for all of us who claim The United States as our home to defend and protect it. In this broader scope, defending and protecting our country, our freedom, and our liberty, is not solely defined by taking to arms.

Furthermore, the Constitutional Duties of citizens making larger decisions where the affects can be transformative for many people are nothing short of paramount. Think about the companies that moved production overseas destroying jobs, towns, and ultimately lessoning the chance for the pursuit of happiness. This is purposely understated and left aside because shinning the light on these decisions and those making them, could disrupt their dealings and expose the truth. Now think of how different it would be if all parties, business owners, and citizens included simple fundamentals like, does it help the community and its people, and is it constitutionally and morally sound. However, with the complexity of our society, dark interest/money, and downright evil people, there are many different takes on how “we” or “who” should take responsibility.

If the Constitution protects the freedom and liberties of ALL Americans, than shouldn’t we ALL share the responsibility?

There are different ways to achieve righteous goals in our country and communities. Constitutional Duty combines all of the reasons for personal responsibility while demanding the accountability of EVERY AMERICAN. It’s essentially like saying “do your part.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

 If companies move production to China or Mexico in an effort to raise profit, it should be called out as something that does not help the community or its people -and therefore, is not in line with the fundamentals of our Constitutional Duties. In addition, how does it help the product or consumer? It’s not like the savings went to the people buying the products; it was for profit. Plus, it’s pretty scary and infuriating when you think about our dependence on other countries for products we use every day.

Just as well, when Government, Unions, and School Boards violate the Constitution and/or abandon their Constitutional Duties, they should be held to account as well. Why would we as a society highlight and focus on gender and race while trying to build the fabric of our society and the future of our communities? Wouldn’t teaching our youth about integrity, character, and accountability to be dutiful to our way of life be more advantageous to our society? What we are seeing now in regard to parents being targeted by the FBI for standing up for their kids’ rights and education is not only appalling, it’s criminal.

Speaking of criminal activity; the enormous effort to shape our perspective by the mainstream media is why many lose sight of what’s really going on, why, and what’s important. Once again, this is completely by design, and they know what they are doing; they’re professionals. The obvious questions are never asked and there’s always a shiny new object to draw the attention to something interesting, but for the most part, meaningless. For instance, has there been any advertising of immune boosting vitamins, supplements, or effective treatments during this so-called pandemic?

Are they giving away vitamin D or Zinc? How about free insulin, we seem to have tons of money for shots and boosters nowadays. Have any outlets, MSM doctors, or government officials explained that early treatment is critical? No, but there have been plenty of attacks on the off-label use of medications. Why would media outlets report that Joe Rogan was treating COVID with “Horse Paste” knowing it was lie? How could the same outlets interview the same people over and over while their story changed, and not ask them one time about it? Well, because the mainstream media is in lockstep as usual, doing their best to make sure the lies are concealed, and the brainwashing narratives continue.

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This effectively has worked to draw enough doubt in the minds of enough people to allow the fear campaign to thrive. At this point, it’s a wonder why they even try to hide their motives and continue the lies. Maybe it’s because if you can get people to believe their vaccine only works if everyone gets vaccinated, you have a chance at making them believe anything. This shows the level of coordination and expertise behind the curtain. Even if you didn’t have doubts about a medical treatment, wouldn’t it be logical to research it or ask questions? That’s the clever part of their tactics. The people pushing the fear and fake narratives have deemed it morally wrong to question their position, views, and so called facts. This was confirmed when pop star Nicki Minaj was targeted by the media for simply telling people to do their own research.

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In addition, there are vaccines that have been tested and have been around for years. Therefore, the term vaccine is comfortable and assuring. This is likely the reason so many have just framed the current vaccines in the same light because they used the same name. The fact is this could not be farther from the truth. These gene therapies were approved for “Emergency Use”. Meaning, that if a person found they were in a health position that warranted the risk, then these “vaccinations” could be potentially beneficial depending upon their personal situation. Somehow the vaccines are now “the end all be all” treatment –and they don’t even qualify under the true definition of a vaccine.

Once again, gaining perspective here is key. We think Peter McCullough MD, who spoke about these treatments and more, did a great presentation worth everyone’s attention. You can find a link at, we hope you will take the time to watch it. There is also a link below for the video. The entire video is informative and revealing, however, three points out of many deserve mention. First, towards the beginning of the video, Dr. McCullough goes over the “gamble” and states;

“It is a deadly protein”.

“It’s the first time in human medicine when we are injecting vaccines and we’re asking the human body to make a potentially lethal protein.”

“The hope is, we’d make a small enough amount of it, and it would create just enough of an immune test, that we’d form immunity to this deadly protein.”

“The gamble was; what if we make too much?”

The second part draws attention to the handling of COVID-19 patients in hospitals. Fauci recommended Gilead’s rebranded anti-viral drug Remdesivir (Veklury) via emergency use, and it was deemed the protocol to treat COVID-19 patients when submitted into hospitals. Patients’ regular care doctors were seeing fewer patients in person, and now, typical hospital protocols weren’t being used. This meant that while your regular doctor would have treated the symptoms and prescribed the typical medicines, they’re not the ones taking care of you. Plus, the typical protocols and treatments that would more than likely be similarly used by hospitals had now been changed.


“Veklury, originally developed by Gilead for use in hepatitis C and then Ebola virus infections, is the only antiviral drug authorized in the U.S. to treat COVID-19.”

“While the benefit shown in the NIH’s key study was modest, Veklury has become standard treatment for patients hospitalized with COVID-19 before they get so sick as to require intensive care. Tens of thousands of U.S. patients have received the drug, including President Donald Trump, whose physicians included Veklury in an aggressive course of several experimental medicines.”

Peter McCullough goes on to basically explain that this significant change in care, the silencing of doctors, the failure to act by some doctors, and the attacks on off label treatments, degraded care and cost lives. Finally, the third and most important point is about the loss of freedom. Dr. McCullough essentially states what many of us know or have been feeling for well over a year now. Our freedom is under attack. McCullough goes on to explain how medical freedom and all other freedoms are interconnected.

“Freedom is at risk.”

“This idea that you can win your freedom back.”

“Since when are we gonna lever freedom based on an ineffective and unsafe vaccines.”

“As soon as we break medical freedom, that we no longer have a choice to decide what goes in our bodies. It will be an instantaneous break in our social freedom. And when we break social freedom, now we have an immediate link to our economic freedom –and the whole thing crumbles.”

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Doctors like Peter McCullough, Robert Malone, and others like America’s Frontline Doctors, have stood up for medical freedom, medicine, and the proper care of patients. They have explained they felt it was the right thing to do, to do their duty as doctors. Many in our government would have you believe that their duty is to protect you by mandating vaccines and masks. Well, why aren’t all doctors convinced this is the right approach? Robert Malone, M.D., M.S. inventor of mRNA technology, explains the treatments, how they work, and who should receive them in about a 38 minute video. We ask you to watch the videos in this piece and then answer this question: Would the actions of Joe Biden or Phil Murphy fall under Constitutional Duties or Constitutional Violations?

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Finally, where is the logic? Here in New Jersey, kids play sports all weekend, are then masked in class during the week, but not at recess or lunch. Teachers need to undergo weekly testing if they refuse the vaccine, but people crossing the border get bussed and flown into New Jersey without tests or vaccines. We don’t even know who they are or where they came from. At what point does someone have to tell the truth, and when do we get some logic and commonsense? If you lied to a senator under oath about funding or creating a bioweapon, you’d be in jail. If a private citizen made a decision regarding elderly patients that cost lives, they would be held accountable. How does a Constitution meant to protect the rights of its people become nothing more than a suggestion that an Executive Order can overrule in seconds? Well, like stated at the top of this piece, when criminals occupy the White House. In our case here in New Jersey, it’s when a criminal occupies the governor’s mansion.

Thanks for reading.

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