COVID-19: The Response

“I wasn’t thinking of the Bill of Rights when we did this”
Philip Dunton Murphy

“COVID-19 is a Hoax!”
“I lost my Mom to COVID.”
“Fauci is lying about gain of function.”
“It came from a bat at a wet market in Wuhan.”
“It was leaked from a lab. [on purpose] [by accident]”
“There’s a 96% to 99% survival rate; this is bullshit!”
“My Dad died from COVID.”
“Fauci flip-flopped on masks.”
“People are dying and have died from COVID-19; wear your mask!”
“Masks don’t work.”
“We have a vaccine; get vaccinated.”
“Vaccines are killing people.”
“Stop masking kids.”
“Get your booster.”

Are you familiar with these arguments? Have you been directly engaged in some of these arguments? One would think that if different states, controlled by different parties, had different rules and regulations regarding a virus and its vaccine, that the data to support their argument would have to be presented, and a consensus declared.

Yet, after almost 3 long years, California’s Governor Gavin Newsom and New Jersey’s Governor Phil Murphy push for more boosters, while Florida’s Governor, Ron DeSantis, says NO to vaccine mandates. Florida’s Surgeon General has made it clear.

Why would the Surgeon General of Florida issue such a strong statement, and why does Florida have different policies than New Jersey, New York, and California?

Surgeon General Dr. Joseph A. Ladapo explains his reasoning:

Confidence in our news media, the CDC, FDA, and government has dwindled over those 3 long years, and a consensus seems to be out of reach. This is what happens when statements like “you’re not gonna get COVID if you have these vaccinations”, is repeated even after the vaccinated test positive for COVID-19.

Who’s right and why isn’t the data presented in a clear way for people to understand what happened and what response is justifiably warranted? It would seem, especially by now, that we can easily be able to determine the correct course of action; right? Well, not so much. Similar to politics, both sides seem to have their version of the story. However, that cannot fly when it comes to healthcare, can it?

The back and forth between all sides of the political spectrum have found themselves looking into the camera night after night, telling us the other person is wrong. While it’s preposterous that somehow this practice became acceptable with politics, it cannot be afforded the same public disregard concerning healthcare. What’s telling is that only one side seems to be ousted and canceled for providing their opinions and findings.

For example:

One of these doctors is responsible for mRNA vaccine technology, and the other is a cardiologist with over 30 years of experience treating patients. They’re both suspended from Twitter for their opinions.

Once again, almost 3 years removed from the start of the “COVID-19 Pandemic”, some people still find themselves questioning who is telling the truth and what’s really going on. Hopefully, this piece will cover enough of the important highlights to show why we think that mandating people for any reason COVID, has never been justified, especially now.

Contrary to popular misleading opinions, many people frustrated with the response to COVID-19, and who are calling for this treatment to end immediately, don’t think the entire thing is some hoax. Yes, SARS-CoV-2 is real and has contributed to the death of people across the world. For now, let’s talk about what we know and what we were told to believe.

We were told that COVID-19 came from Wuhan, China. We were told that it was, and is, highly contagious. We were told it’s much more dangerous than the flu. We were told that it requires an emergency response on a global scale. What is not explained or highlighted is that the emergency response is the most important part.

The way in which governments and big agencies around the world responded is the answer to all questions from all sides of the “COVID-19 Pandemic” argument. We could argue where the virus came from and whose fault it was, but even with those answers we still have the emergency response. Yes, there should be an investigation and the world deserves answers.

Furthermore, if we do in fact confirm that the reports proclaiming gain of function research was funded by tax payers and hidden by people like Fauci; there should be hell to pay.

 In any event, The Global Emergency Response to the “COVID-19 Pandemic”; is the crime.

The Emergency Response to COVID-19 is what allowed norms and laws to be thrown aside in the guise of help, health, and safety.

Now there are three pieces that make up the emergency response to the Pandemic. The first two are just narrative and cover for the third, the actual actions initiated and implemented via government orders. Let’s throw out the first two with some quick highlights that show how they don’t affect the reality of the situation, but they do produce the needed fear, panic, and timing.

The first and second parts were all about messaging which was conducted on a global scale. Big three letter agencies, governments, and the media needed to get the word out to “keep us safe”. Initial reports regarding a deadly virus began to surface in America between late December 2019 and early January 2020.

Those initial reports and interviews shrugged off the thought of any real threat here in America. Everyone remembers the videos of representatives telling people to come out and support the Lunar New Year Celebration in Chinatown. Here is the clip of Nancy Pelosi from February 24th, 2020.

 Here’s Commissioner Dave Chokshi Tweeting from New York.

For reference and showing that it started and continues to be political and not about health or safety: There was a debate later about whether President Trump ignored early information even while being criticized for banning travel from China on January 31st, 2020. That’s days before the tweet and almost a month before Pelosi’s video.

While the public was wrapping its head around a bat virus from Wuhan, “Operation Warp Speed” was announced March 15, 2020, and “Two weeks to slow the spread” or “15 days to flatten the curve” began. If you were paying attention even a little, you could probably fill in some highlights between then and now. Plus, it’s probably a safe bet that everyone can remember their personal experience of the “COVID-19 Pandemic”.

No matter what side of politics you’re on, or even if you hate or don’t follow politics or current events, remember, any story being told has a narrator. Here and across the world, the fight to narrate and control information is the biggest war that’s ever been fought in history. It’s never ending, and is fought between governments, citizens, and groups alike for the controlling interest of truth, facts, and eventually how they go on to sculpt reality.

Governments and groups use news outlets, papers, social media, books, even TV shows and movies to build an appetite for the purpose of driving opinions to their preferred destinations of thought. If they can’t stop the flow as we’ve seen in recent years with social media, they work to frame it, if not suppress or remove it all together. It’s been going on for centuries in various ways. If there is a blessing in disguise from COVID-19, it’s that we saw in real time the panic when government-controlled media narratives are exposed.

When doctors’ professional opinions are labeled as “misinformation”, it’s difficult to deny information isn’t being censored and that only approved narratives are painting the picture.

The entire COVID-19 story, the make-up of what transpired, and how everything came to be would take hundreds of pages, and that book would be horribly fascinating to say the least. Nonetheless, now that you’re reminded of your emotions, personal experience, and are lathered in your opinions of what happened, who’s right, and what’s going on; let’s run through the highlights.

Name one time you ever thought of or heard someone say “if you’re feeling sick, isolate, but if it gets really bad, go to the hospital”? This was the recommendation/order during a PANDEMIC. We take ibuprofen because we mowed the lawn, cleaned the house, or have a slight headache. We see kids get a sniffle and break out the Dimatab or Robitussin.

The point is we never wait to see what happens when we think something is wrong regarding ours or our loved one’s health; we react. This is the reason we stock our medicine cabinets with over-the-counter drugs and vitamins.

When the experts were brought in and asked, “what should we do?” they went back and forth regarding masks and decided that isolation to slow the spread was the most important course of action. Lockdowns were so critical to our health, governors and mayors were willing to arrest and charge people for defying their stay at home and social distancing orders. Stickers were placed on the ground, occupancy limits were reduced, and PUT YOUR MASK ON!

Ironically, we learned that Lockdown rules didn’t apply equally.

Since the pandemic had plenty of advertising and a death ticker on CNN, fear was the number one thing being widely distributed. Plus, with the addition of moral slogans like “do your part” most people just complied without question.

Stand on your dot, wear a mask, and don’t ask any questions or you could kill someone.

Remember, it started with a full lockdown with “non-essential” businesses being closed, so many people were just trying to keep what was later allowed open, to remain that way. This caused nothing but divide and confusion. Which, if that was the goal, it worked perfectly.

To make matters worse, when you did go to the hospital because the symptoms were uncontrollable, the White House Coronavirus Task Force decided on a protocol with a drug that’s not approved by the FDA. Remdesivir was approved under Emergency Use Authorization to treat SARS-CoV-2. Once again, what did we know, and what were we told?

Early on at a White House briefing, Trump made a statement about Hydroxychloroquine and the media promptly explained to the world that it would likely kill you. This might be a problem because Anthony Fauci, the director of the NIAID, should probably know about this journal entry about Chloroquine (very similar to Hydroxychloroquine) published in 2005 that’s searchable via the NIH National Library of Medicine website.

Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread – PMC (

 In addition, we didn’t hear one word about the history of the Remdesivir (Veklury) after its EUA for COVID-19. The political response was the same as it’s always been, blame the other side and drag each other through the mud. However, this time it was different. This is the miracle that nobody is talking about.

Medicine isn’t political. Treatments aren’t political. So, why did it matter between the parties? If we are all going to die from COVID-19 and a doctor knew how to help, that’s a good thing, isn’t it? So, why would we ignore the findings in a medical journal from 2005, and instantly trash a new study out of France between March and April 2020 by Didier Raoult regarding Hydroxychloroquine in combination with other drugs?

Was it because of politics? Wait, that can’t be true, it’s a “Pandemic”, right? We have to try and save everyone that we can, even if it’s with cheap generic drug combinations, right? At a time when people were scared and confused, we leaned on the “experts” to guide us through.

Dr. Fauci

“The data shows that Remdesivir has a clear cut significant positive effect in diminishing the time to recovery”

Remdesivir was approved around the globe under Emergency Use for COVID-19. Yes, the same drug that was in trials for HIV, Hepatitis, Ebola, and anything else they could use to sell and distribute. In a previous article the importance of this decision to approve Remdesivir is highlighted by Dr. Paul Marik during Senator Johnson’s Roundtable – COVID-19: A Second Opinion

Dr. Marik goes on to explain that the PALM group studied the use of Remdesivir for Ebola and determined that the drug was not safe. He cites the New England Journal of Medicine, where the study was published December 12, 2019, just months before it was recommended under Emergency Use Authorization for COVID-19.

“They terminated the study because Remdesivir increased the risks of deaths and renal failure”

The reason Fauci’s statement is extremely important is because Dr. Marik claims the study was altered from its original results parameters to conclude time for recovery instead of overall efficacy. Between the “shelter in place” lockdowns instead of EARLY TREATMENT, which EVERY DOCTOR at that roundtable agreed is the MOST CRITICAL ACTION for TREATING COVID-19; the EUA drug protocol by itself may have caused many needless deaths.

Yes, the only drug under EUA for COVID-19 was very expensive, and potentially the cause of death in concert with isolation leading to a delay of treatment. Both Remdesivir and isolation were initial recommendations from the “Coronavirus Taskforce”.

Remdesivir is still listed for COVID-19 on the FDA website:

Speaking of drugs, when were the experts going to announce any treatments other than Remdesivir? Many of the protocols and techniques typically used were thrown out because of the EUA of Remdesivir for COVID-19. Plus, simple supplements like vitamin D, C, and Zinc weren’t even talked about.

As a matter of fact, the first we heard of those supplements during the “Pandemic” was when the doctors being labeled as spreading mis/disinformation put out multi-drug approaches including Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin. Both of these drugs were immediately dismissed and said to either cause heart damage or meant to treat livestock not humans.

While people were fighting over whether COVID-19 was real and whether it came from a lab or a wet market, the doctors in-charge were telling people to hide in their house or go to the hospital and take a potentially deadly medicine.

Which brings us to the next question: when we all watched the theatrics on TV about hospitals needing more ventilators, did anyone think to ask why everyone needed one? Well, once again let’s use a little commonsense. If you get sick with a respiratory illness and do nothing about it until you need to be checked into an emergency room…

There was also the panic of not having enough hospital beds for patients. Remember, hospitals shut down portions of their facilities to “keep people safe”. What’s more telling is that the additional make-shift hospitals that were federally provided were hardly used because of overflow. Studies later showed the harm caused by missing regular hospital care in regard to cancer treatment and elective surgeries due to the hospital shutdown policies. A sore subject still glossed over by so called news media and journalists.

Then there is the argument around masking and whether masks work. Now opinions on masks still vary, so let’s see what the doctor in charge had to say.

Clear as mud, right?

As anyone who has looked up the use of masks and the particle sizes they are capable of blocking, the most honest statement in this video involves the word “droplet”. Speaking of spit, did anyone ever find it curious that during the Pandemic, whenever a speaker went to the podium to speak, they removed their mask? Wouldn’t someone speaking be more likely to…. never mind.

Recap: while an expensive and potentially dangerous repurposed drug was approved under EUA across the globe, 50-year-old FDA approved drugs were being touted as dangerous and “horse de-wormer”, all while we were told to stay home and mask up. Additionally, every doctor who tried to showcase drug combinations using cheap generic medicine were ousted and canceled by the media and controlling class. Did the press ask questions and report any of this? No, they lied on national TV daily, and still to this day, nobody has been held accountable.

Many people only know about Remdesivir, Hydroxychloroquine, and Ivermectin because of the “Pandemic”. Once again using commonsense, we were in a Pandemic, right? Wouldn’t it be great if doctors came forward with drug combination protocols that saved lives?

Nope, now it was time to switch gears and roll out the experimental EUA vaccines. Before we could argue about treatments and how many doctors provided and treated people with successful drug combinations, the focus was shifted to the yield of Operation Warp Speed.

It’s probably important to mention, that if you have a cure, you can’t get Emergency Use Authorization for an experimental vaccine.

And just in case there are still any doubts about politics playing a role in the pandemic.

Now this part may bother some Trump supporters, but something very important needs to be called out.

How did we get approval for these mRNA vaccines and how were they available so quickly. Well, Trump for all of his steadfast commitment to these United States, our flag, and the rule of law; seems to have walked into a trap that his stubbornness has still not recovered from. It was the perfect storm.

We now know that COVID-19 had a variety of treatments. The head doctor of the Coronavirus Taskforce knew that SARS-CoV-2 was treatable years prior to the “Pandemic”. Were they worried it was potentially more potent for some reason that rhymes with rain of gumption? Either way, they knew that treatments in general were available. Plus, if for some reason they forgot, Dr. Pierre Kory was ready to remind them.

In addition, once doctors using previous data came up with new successful drug combination protocols, they clearly had something viable to explore. We saw that with the drop of Fauci’s emails where physicians asked about potential “good news” they were hearing. The Coronavirus Taskforce headed up by then, Vice President Mike Pence, were all aware of these inquires. It was all dismissed and didn’t even make primetime until 2022, when Fauci’s emails were leaked.

Look at the names and dates and then consider the content.

We also know Fauci, Birx, and many others knew about the research taking place in the Wuhan lab. Fauci approved the funding. Just look up Peter Daszak and you will find that not only did he approve that funding; Daszak has just recently replenished his research funds.

Peter Daszak’s name seems to appear in the most curious of stories.

In addition to everything covered thus far in this piece, we still haven’t talked about “Event 201”, which was a “high-level pandemic exercise on October 18, 2019, in New York, NY. The exercise illustrated areas where public/private partnerships will be necessary during the response to a severe pandemic in order to diminish large-scale economic and societal consequences.”

The “high-level pandemic exercise” was meant to “diminish large-scale economic and societal consequences”. I think it’s safe to say, that wasn’t the goal –and if it was, they failed miserably. If you’ve watched “The Real Anthony Fauci”, the Event 201 “exercise” rehearsed news messaging is almost verbatim to the reporting we heard from our actual news stations during the Pandemic. Plus, does anyone find it odd, that there was a dress rehearsal a few months before the real thing?

Back to the perfect storm and how Trump’s strength was used against him. Vaccines typically take years between research, trials, and approval, but the perfect storm was brewing. The Challenge: there’s no way to get a vaccine created and approved in the time we would need to squelch this pandemic. Naively, believing there was no other way to stop the Pandemic as the Coronavirus Taskforce explained; Trump took the bait and the “impossible task” of getting Operation Warp Speed the executive approval and attention needed to get the job done.

This decision truly changed everything because it created a single door to the room. Now there was only one way out; get vaccinated. Once again, we could argue who profited, which politicians took Big Pharma money, and the evil plots that lead us down rabbit holes. Either way, we were now at a new intersection. The pandemic fear that was beginning to subside for some because we now had a “vaccine”, now created a new fear.

For those people who were watching late night talk shows and singing vaccine praise, their prayers were answered. For those who were on the fence and wanted to know more, the clock had started. Talks about mandating a vaccine were already on the table, both at the state and federal level. While different sides argued about whether it was moral, legal, or even warranted, the executive orders were being signed.

Here is Biden announcing he will be mandating the vaccine.

Whoops, sorry. Here is the video of Biden announcing the federal mandate.

Now, while it was Trump in what he probably thought was a heroic effort to get the shots approved, it was the new administration following a highly contested “election” that was to sign the executive orders to mandate them. However, before Biden could even pick the fight he knew he would lose, he already had help from Democrat ran states that were off and running. A federal mandate was only possible for certain groups including the military, the states would need to mandate vaccines locally.

And, boy were they ready.

How about Congress, did they have to get vaccinated per Biden’s Executive Order? Nope.

Before we had a chance to listen to that guy who argued PCR tests weren’t accurate, find out whether people actually died from COVID or with COVID, and why doctors were being silenced for saying they can cure it; people were being fired for electing not to take an experimental vaccine. To make matters worse, these mandates were not only coming for civilians and our military, they were now coming for our children.

By now, we have all seen videos and stories of vaccine injuries. We all saw the headlines and news stories of healthy adults, teens, and athletes suffering severe injuries and even death. Recently, we were told to believe that Sudden Adult Death Syndrome and heart damage due to Climate Change were completely plausible. If you’re trying not to go down the rabbit holes of the Deep State, World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, Gates, and Soros, good luck.

At some point, if the so called elected people in charge and their experts will not answer questions without answers that are provably false, the vacuum of curiosity will fill the void. Plus, it’s not like there’s rich people sitting on stages having televised conferences telling us how they will control the world.

And not for nothing, why would we push for healthy kids with a 99.997% survival rate take an experimental vaccine?

There are many other highlights including scientist’s explaining that this virus could never have come from nature. Dr. Kory presented evidence that Ivermectin stopped the Pandemic in its tracks in other countries. I could go on about how Africa experienced low numbers and uses Hydroxychloroquine regularly for malaria, but would it make a difference? The definition of the word vaccine was changed because of the level of efficacy of these new mRNA shots, and it was hardly even noticed.

Many people have argued that the world is at a turning point. We’ve heard the arguments about the Great Reset vs The Great Awakening. We see videos from all over the world with people protesting in the street. Not just worked up teens protesting something they know nothing about, but farmers, blue collar workers, and people who have had their businesses shut down across the globe. It’s estimated that here is New Jersey 1/3 of small businesses went under during the COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdowns.

While it may be true that we are at a turning point, we often tend to paint a smaller picture of the world based on our own perspective and experiences. Plus, after everything that’s been presented, this piece never even asked the question; why? In addition, when did this story really start, during the riots in 2019? We’ll leave the speculation up to you and finish with a question.

Looking at the big picture, being impartial for a moment, forget about politics, and put aside who is supposedly right or wrong. Ask yourself one simple question; if governments were willing to shut down the entire world because of a virus, why weren’t they willing to explore, investigate, and announce any and every means available to keep us safe from it?

But what do I know; I’m just an “Ultimate Knucklehead” according to Phil Murphy

Thanks for reading.


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