Murphy’s Marketing Department

The parents of New Jersey Liberty are against COVID-19 Mandates. We stand for Freedom and Liberty in NJ. We try to make a good argument based on the information we can find, and then let the people decide. When people go back and forth about the masks and whether they actually help against the spreading of COVID-19 and germs in general, the incidental harm is often lost. Similarly, getting a vaccine, so you can return to life, isn’t really an argument for your health. Plus, commonsense always seems to be thrown out of every serious argument nowadays because it doesn’t fit well in binary conversations or situations.

Typically, in complex situations where delicate matters need to be handled with a certain amount intelligence and poise, we would turn to people called leaders. They would then lead, and departments under their stead would assist. What happens when the people we turn to don’t have the people’s interest at the forefront of their decision making?

                Well, in this particular case we bring you the Governor of New Jersey (Phil Murphy – Supposed Leader) and The New Jersey Department of Health (Dept – Going to Assist). We would like to say that they have the people’s best interest at heart and that they are going to get to the bottom of this so called pandemic with great hast. In actuality, just like the CDC is to the federal government, the NJDOH is to the Governor. We are among one of the countries that does not recognize natural immunity as being acceptable and therefore need to be vaccinated to be considered safe to return to regular life. Hence, New Jersey will be instructing accordingly because like we said; Biden to CDC as Murphy to NJDOH.

                Biden has the mainstream and controlled opposition media in his pocket. Which is the news equivalent of watching 5 Chihuahuas bark at 2 Pugs; a lot of noise but not much information. What is important, and should be looked at carefully is the narrative and how well it’s packaged and delivered. What’s also important is that it’s simple, remember the binary part? The argument needs to be either one way or the other, no middle ground, and it has to be simple and potent. Then, the only thing left is to make sure any opposition is crushed! Nope, there cannot be any doubts or canceling will commence. It’s a really good marketing strategy; it literally renders anyone questioning anything, silent.

In marketing, terms like “hits” are used. This could be a click, a view, or some type of exposure to the product or message. In looking at the messaging conveyed via social media by Murphy’s Department of Health, we think the overview is pretty disturbing. Plus, there are some videos we think you have to see, but you be the judge. Now before we go on to the body of this piece, just a fair warning that it gets a little bumpy. Specifically, this is a mile high view based on perspectives that may or may not fall into the tinfoil hat category depending on where and what you’ve read, watched, etc.. Nonetheless, after a quick scroll through the NJDOH’s social media feed, we had to at least report it, so hopefully we can get feedback on what different opinions may find.

Here goes…

There are perspectives where some people have made pointed arguments regarding the targeting of masculine men, the promotion of a genderless population, the ousting of any God, and conversion to a perverted utopian society. While some of these arguments may stray off topic, some are pretty undeniable. For instance, it’s become more acceptable to say “I’m raising my child genderless” or that “my child is gay” than it is to say; “I’m going to raise a strong, intelligent, strapping young man, who can provide for his family”. Yup, think about that for a minute. What’s strange is how fast people just accepted it. As parents aren’t we supposed to teach our kids values and guide them at an early age? Well, what if it’s not the child that needs guidance? And, what if constant marketing and messaging changed a persons perspective? What if a persons values could be changed by good marketing? How many hits would it take?
Let’s see.

In the past few months we could only find two pictures with a Mom and Dad present.

Many pictures were of expecting mothers by themselves or a single parent with their child. Once again, think hits. How does your brain process the image? What does it make you think of, what feelings does it speak to?

“There is NO evidence that COVID-19 vaccines cause increased risk of infertility.”

Does the post offer comfort or fear? Where is the picture with a man wrapping his arms around the expecting mother of their child? Do these pictures tell the story of a family trying to make a tough decision together? To be fair, there were some comforting photos posted by NJDOH. Once again, you be the judge.

Here are the single parent photos.

OK, so where are we going with this? Well, like stated earlier it’s messaging. Murphy and his Marketing Department would like everyone to believe it’s all about your health. However, there was nothing about handing out vitamin D, Zinc, or any information on medications; just vaccines. Plus, there was this…

and this

and this

AND this

Which was concerning and led to the research of rabies in New Jersey; especially from bats. It’s not like the image of a bat and getting hits on images of bats during a pandemic started from a bat could be triggering or anything. Than we found this…

They could have used a picture of a groundhog, skunk, or raccoon considering their numbers were higher, but nope. How about: “Cats have accounted for 91% of the domestic animal cases in New Jersey since 1989.” Maybe a good message would be to protect your pets, especially your cat..? Tinfoil hat? Please let us know what you think.

Finally, let’s get down to the main topic, the main marketing strategy for Murphy’s NJDOH; GET VACCINATED, VACCINES ARE SAFE!. The constant hammering of numbers to keep the pandemic narrative alive is nothing but a campaign of fear -and the fear is real. It’s one of the biggest reasons people question their own gut feelings about what’s really going on. Many say that common sense isn’t really common anymore. It appears to be more that the persuasion is so strong, that it removes people from their beliefs. This marketed fear detaches the very mental grounding that we need to build at home, removed from public opinion and tested against pillars of good character like commonsense, intelligence, honor, core values, and integrity.

The weekly marketed fear…

Q: Who reports probable deaths?
A: Phil Murphy and his NJDOH.

This could all be over if we…

“Brings back activities”

-and then we can attend

Oh, and mask in classrooms, but not at lunch or recess, or this…

Or this

So we can have more of this…

By the way, love seeing the kids smiles. It’s really sad that we as parents have to navigate this ridiculousness and try to shield our kids from these trying times.

Two final points
1. Vaccination is required according to Murphy and the NJDOH. There is no way out of this pandemic without it. Yet, they don’t seem to market any other treatments, or express daily that early treatment is critical. Oh, and by the way, you’ll need multiple boosters about every 6 months or so because being vaccinated ends the COVID-19 pandemic. Plus, we’re not going back… Click to play

Finally, what could top all that? What could be the best marketing tool to get people to overflow with fear and not look at anything else except the provided narrative? How could Murphy’s Marketing Department accomplish their job to pull on the heart strings of New Jersey? Click play.

If you think we’ve framed this unfairly, please let us know in the comments section. But please remember, the content is from Phil’s Marketing Department.

Thanks for reading and watching.

Cited: New Jersey Department of Health – Social Media