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Mark the day the “Health Emergency”, “COVID-19 Pandemic”, was publicly set on fire in front of the world. The media can try to spin the “Defeat the Mandates” rally that took place on this past Sunday January 23, 2022, but the follow up testimony coordinated by Senator Ron Johnson the following Monday morning, will undoubtedly confirm the death of the pandemic narrative over time. As the clips go viral on social media of doctors, nurses, researchers, and professionals alike, it’s going to take something more obvious and undeniable as gravity to reverse course. Everything from vaccines, to masks, to the denied treatments, and known treatments were discussed by professionals that lived it, and who have the receipts regarding the reality of what really unfolded over 2 years.

In addition, a lawyer Thomas Renz, and his co-counsel revealed that they have three whistle blowers from within the DOD that have collected data showing that the numbers being reported regarding adverse events from mandated vaccines are wrong. Renz goes on to state numbers from the DOD Salus system, where he explains:

“9/28/2021 Project Salus weekly report 71% of new cases are in the fully vaxed and 60% of Hospitalizations are in the fully vaxed”

This information, while troubling on its own, would still have to take a back seat to the doctor’s stories that piece together, what looks to be deliberate actions denying proper care to patients through executive driven pandemic protocols.

Many doctors at Sen. Johnson’s Roundtable entitled, “COVID-19: A Second Opinion”, by simply answering questions, piece together a devastating puzzle of what appears to be deliberate medical protocols leading to catastrophic outcomes. One doctor, Dr. Pierre Kory, went as far as to say…

“The corruption is because they don’t want you to use off-label, repurposed, generic medicines. It does not provide profit to the system.”

“These are crimes”

This was right after Dr. Ben Marble, founder of myfreedoctor.com, answered Sen. Johnson’s question; “how do we treat people?” Dr. Marble went on to explain that he and his team only lost 4 of the approximately 150k patients treated for COVID-19. Dr. Marble states he and his team use the Dr. McCullough protocol which includes drugs such as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine.

While all doctors had brilliant pieces of this enormous puzzle, and no piece can be excluded to understand the entirety of the situation and the result of decisions made over the past 2 years; Dr. Paul Merik’s words were chilling in an already grim picture coming into focus.

“In this country four million patients have been hospitalized with COVID, and of those, eight hundred and fifty thousand poor souls have died. These have been unnecessary, needless deaths.”

“The NIH guidelines for the positive treatment of hospitalized patients for COVID include, Remdesivir and low dose Dexamethasone.”

“Almost every single patient in this country is treated with the combination of Remdesivir and low dose Dexamethasone.”

Dr. Merik goes on to explain that the PALM group studied the use of Remdesivir for Ebola and determined that the drug was unsafe. He cites the New England Journal of Medicine, where the study was published December 12, 2019, just months before it was recommended for Emergency Use for COVID-19.

“[They] terminated the study because Remdesivir increased the risks of deaths and renal failure”

The New England Journal of Medicine Study – A Randomized, Controlled Trial of Ebola Virus Disease Therapeutics | NEJM

Dr. Fauci announced from the Oval Office that the study for Remdesivir leading to its Emergency Use for COVID-19, showed positive results.

“The data shows that Remdesivir has a clear cut significant positive effect in diminishing the time to recovery”

The reason this statement is extremely important, is because Dr. Merik claims the study was altered from its original results parameters to conclude time for recovery instead of overall efficacy. Between the “shelter in place” instead of EARLY TREATMENT, which EVERY DOCTOR at this roundtable agrees is the most critical action for treating COVID-19, the drug protocol by itself may have caused many needless deaths, according to Dr. Merik.

Another bombshell that has been controversial and narrowly reported was clearly stated by Dr. Peter McCullough with regard to the vaccines. In response to a back and forth over vaccine technology and whether it alone is safe, Dr. McCullough chimes in to settle the debate about one category.

“there is a disease category upon which the FDA, the CDC and all stake holders agree that the vaccines cause and that’s myocarditis or heart inflammation.”

“It is crystal clear, that the vaccines cause myocarditis.”

One of the categories seeming to get little to no attention in connection with vaccines is cancer. Sen. Johnson explains he had been hearing about this for months, but “doesn’t think the public is quite ready for that yet.” He goes on to say, “This is frightening!”

Dr. Ryan Cole explains:

“This is a challenge in terms of aggregating data.”

“These same T cells, immune cells keep cancers in check.”

“I’m seeing an uptick in cancer. — after the vaccines.”

There are so many pieces to this puzzle which look to assemble either a massive failure or based on the testimony of several doctors, a deliberate and corrupt response. Between the attack on medicines, the protocols proven to cause an increase in cases and deaths, and the attack on doctors themselves; something is obviously not right. Speculation at the round table concluded a power system between Big Pharma, Hospital System Executives, and Government.

Dr. Pierre Kory:

“I’m calling attention to the corruption. If you look at these innumerable failed policies, there’s only one way to understand them. They are literally written by pharmaceutical companies.”

“There are a number of compounds we’ve identified that are effective in early treatment. Almost all of them are repurposed or generic.”

“In the United States it’s a horse de-wormer, its horse paste and only the illiterate ignorant and/or unvaccinated use it.”


 “Across the world there have been programs by health ministries — that medication [Ivermectin] has been shown to literally solve the pandemic in numerous regions around the world.”

Dr. Kory continues by listing the countries that used these protocols in their response to COVID-19.

Regardless of what you think of the opinions on either side of vaccination, masks, and the COVID-19 pandemic; this roundtable is worth the watch. You can find it below and on our “what’s going on” page. Like Senator Johnson states, “We are only scratching the surface”. He’s correct. Even after we wrap our heads around the why’s and how’s, not to mention the actual science –we still haven’t begun to talk about the humanity of it all. The testimony by nurses explaining that families could not be with loved ones during their final moments on earth is just heart breaking. Families were not able to bury their loved ones because the hospital protocols demanded the facilitation of their cremation. Plus, the fear that has been used is having devastating consequences on both individuals and our society.

 Finally, and most importantly, while adults try to sort out the facts; WHAT HAS AND IS HAPPENING TO OUR CHILDREN IS CRIMINAL. Our kids will never be the same as this will forever be a part of their childhood. Their development in many aspects has been altered forever. Dr. McCullough started breaking up as he spoke about a dad that was present and has lost his son due to the vaccine.

Not allowing an adult to make decisions for themselves and their children or denying them a livelihood or a meal based on vaccination status is unconstitutional, inhumane, and completely appalling.

May God have mercy on us all.

The meeting starts approx. 40min into the video.

Thanks for reading.

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