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Please watch Robert Malone, M.D., M.S. give his presentation on the “vaccines” by clicking on his picture below. The entire Florida COVID Summit Talks can be watched by clicking on that image as well. We sincerely ask that you take the time to see what doctors and scientist are saying about the vaccines and immunity. […]

Savoir in New Jermany

With just about a week to go in the New Jersey gubernatorial election, it was all hands on deck for Governor Phil Murphy. Jill Biden, Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, and even Brandon himself joined in to muster what energy they could charge up in the last push to keep the democrat in office. While some […]

Murphy’s Law

In the past few months, what has Governor Phil Murphy accomplished to protect the citizens of NJ in his so called “Emergency”? Murphy allowed busses from the Mexico border to transport illegal aliens to New Jersey for the purposes of relocation and settlement in The United States. While parents sat with hopes that Phil might […]


As VP Kamala Harris visits South America to address the “root cause” behind the current illegal immigration crisis, and Stacy Abrams explains that republicans want to suppress peoples votes in YouTube ads. The New Jersey primary for governor comes to a close. We heard arguments that Singh was the bigger MAGA candidate, Rizzo was the […]

Can you see me?

We realized on Friday that the @NJUNITED twitter account wasn’t doing so well. In fact, even after a retweet and reply from an account that had over 67k followers, we still were not gaining any traction for getting people to to sign our COVID-19 Mandates petition and explore the new site. We found something […]

About a Year Too Late!

NJ Senate GOP tweets to sign their petition to end mask mandates. It’s about a year too late, and their petition fails to address the entire problem. No More COVID-19 Mandates! Click below to sign the NJLIBERTY No More COVID-19 Mandates Petition

Senator Oroho on Mask Mandates

Senator Steve Oroho (R-Sussex, Warren, Morris) is again calling on Governor Murphy to immediately lift all COVID-19 restrictions, including the mask mandate for kids in schools, daycare centers, and summer camps, because they are not supported by any available scientific data. URL: Oroho Again Reiterates Call For Governor To End All COVID Restrictions Now | […]

Mostly Lifted Masks Mandate!

Murphy explains that children under 12 are not “eligible” to be vaccinated, and children 12 to 15 have only been approved for a couple of weeks. A picture of the story and the URL from are below. This goes to the core of the COVID-19 “Health Emergency” Mandates petition! Did anyone explain to Murphy […]