As VP Kamala Harris visits South America to address the “root cause” behind the current illegal immigration crisis, and Stacy Abrams explains that republicans want to suppress peoples votes in YouTube ads. The New Jersey primary for governor comes to a close. We heard arguments that Singh was the bigger MAGA candidate, Rizzo was the “people’s” true conservative choice, Ciattarelli was the GOP establishment candidate, and that sitting governor Murphy saved us from the COVID-19 virus. What we didn’t hear was the truth.

There was a candidate getting worried that he might find himself loosing again, as was the case in 2017. The divided republican party repeated it’s mistakes of the past, by not unifying behind one message or candidate. What’s worse, is that because the focus was on the fighting in the GOP doghouse, the democrat incumbent got little to no attention; which is exactly what he needed. While many people in NJ were looking to hear how Murphy’s handling of COVID-19 and the state in general was not acceptable. The only messages brought to the people were the standard political talking points, with a little bit of “open NJ”. With all the information we now have regarding Murphy’s atrocities with just COVID alone, all three fell short of delivering a winning message.

Previously, Jack Ciattarelli took 2nd place in the primary to then Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno. This time he would go on to win handedly. With little coverage regarding the republican candidates and more importantly the divide within the GOP party, NJ found itself relying on local sources to get an understanding of the thoughts and positions the candidates held. Even though their plans are listed at every candidates website, the majority seem to wait to be spoon fed via media outlets or watch the live reactions in a debate. In a time when pretty much every state knows the name of 5 particular governors, heightened coverage would seem inevitable. However, with today’s non-informative mainstream media, just typical TV adds and radio spots filled the void. Ironically, they sounded like the essential, “I’m going to fix things” ….

Now, one would think it’s probably real important to understand who they are voting for and why they should feel confident in their vote. However, even when 101.5 presented the live debate, they explained the NJ Election Law Enforcement Commission had already decided it would only include Ciattarelli and Singh. Once again, in a typical governors race this might be totally acceptable. However, when your business being open, you and your children being masked, and talks of potential vaccine mandates are within the governors pen stroke; this can’t get enough attention.

In a time when one state has been fully open for a year, yet another is still trying to figure it out; one might think that would generate natural attention. However, Murphy has faced minimal questions, even when his decisions have yielded some of the worse numbers per capita in the world; yes the world. Could a challenging candidate run with that stat? Should news outlets have some questions on behave of the people of New Jersey? In all fairness, each of the GOP candidates said they wanted to open NJ. Phil Rizzo even listed on his website under issues, saying “It’s time for the people of New Jersey to get our lives back.”. However, from what we gathered from social media posts, none of that was enough -and people are saying the establishment candidate was positioned.

So what now? Will Jack live up to the hype and deliver? Will the divided republican voters come together against the Democrat Incumbent? Will the life altering decisions under Murphy’s reign end up being what unites voters? And just to be fair, there are many that believe Murphy saved theirs and many others’ lives over the past year. A look at the numbers doesn’t support that, but information today only becomes valid via popular narrative of Big Tech and the Powers that be. Will those voters show up to defend their governor? In any case, sitting this one out in protest doesn’t seem to be an option.

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