Bio Weapon or Bat Flu?

As information continues to come out about the true origins of COVID-19, we find that Fauci’s emails offer more honesty than most of the media’s coverage and reports since March 2020. If it was the case that he/they knew this virus could be man made in a lab; why dismiss the idea? Could it be that the US and China collectively share more responsibility than rumored? Were other countries aware, and to what level of involvement? In addition, how is it that we are a year past needing answers and leaked emails, not investigations, begin to provide them? The worst part is, our tax money not only provided for some of the research, we still currently pay for protection, fund universities/entities, and head up agencies to proactively safeguard us from such situations.

Those questions alone raise enough concern for everyone to be personally outraged by our federal and local governments handling of the COVID-19 outbreak. Whatever your thought’s are on COVID-19 in regards to nature born or lab created, there definitely seems to be no hurry in figuring out what exactly happened. From the beginning, the only thing moving at a rapid pace was fear. Don’t ask questions, put on a mask, and shut it down; all of it! Before we could even have intelligent conversations about known treatments for the symptoms reported, we needed to stop the spread by putting infecting patients in with our most vulnerable. Questions will be answered later, and no, you cannot make informed decisions based on the information provided by the people directly in the know because they’re not sharing.

Even after months of lockdowns, starting with “14 days to slow the spread”, the data obtained still wasn’t enough to have a debate on whether the policies and guidelines were yielding the results sought. This is when the promoted fear met natural confusion, and most people who had questions were dismissed and put into nonsensical groups who “don’t care about others”. If we’re all being honest, we don’t know. If we’re all being truthful with ourselves, we don’t know. Hence, it might be logical, reasonable, and considerate to inform, but let people digest this substantial amount of information for themselves -so that they may come to their own informed decisions. The word pandemic doesn’t come up on a yearly basis, thankfully, so we all might benefit in having some consideration for others thoughts and reactions.

With that being said, we are a site promoting a petition against COVID-19 Mandates. Meaning that consensus opinions can be formed, but that does not mean we all feel the same. That’s good, its healthy, it’s completely ok. What’s not ok, is dismissing our fellow NJ/Americans as wrong or inconsiderate because they don’t feel the same. If arguments of any kind are brought to NJLIBERTY, we will hear them. Our goal is not to put down others or drive away information, it’s to have the voices of New Jersey heard.